Standing Desk - Stan 1

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Standing Desk - Stan 1

Stan 1 is our flagship standing desk. We designed Stan 1 for laptop users looking to set up shop at a multitude of destinations. It is height adjustable with different slots of the body structure allowing you to adjust each shelf to achieve your ideal posture.

Stan 1 is lightweight, easy to set up and put down, transportable, and built to provide a working experience that is both, comfortable and boosts your productivity. It is suitable for any laptop.

Suitable for any type of laptop:

Stan 1 was specially designed for supporting only laptops with screens of up to 15″ on the upper shelf and can support a total weight of up to 5kg.


Stan 1 has a base footprint of 470x470mm. The upper laptop shelf is 400 x 218mm, and the lower platform for the keyboard is 475 x 203mm. The rungs in the upright allow you to adjust the height of your monitor and your keyboard to your exact height.


Stan 1 is made of solid and high quality 18mm birch plywood, designed in our London studio and crafted in small batches in the UK.


This portable desk arrives as a flat pack kit and takes only 30 seconds to assemble! The easiest DIY you’ll ever do, you will only need to screw in the 2 holders that come separately in the package to the under surface of the shelves. The holders in the shelves will allow you to pack it up back down in no time for easy storage and portability. Please note that placing the holders is not mandatory since they only serve the purpose of holding the shelves if you want to fold the standing desk.


We currently offer free shipping to UK, rest of Europe and USA for our standing desks.
Once you place your order, your new Standing Desk will take 7-10 working days to arrive.


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