Levimoon – Levitating Planets from Hong Kong

Many of our website visitors and happy customers want to know how our beautiful levitating moon light lamp was born. It is a story we love to share, and it all started with a sincere love of the moon. In this episode we will share the short story of how our moon mood light came to life.

Functional and Contemporary Design by KABINET VAN LOOK

Sharp lines and geometric shapes often succeed in transforming interiors into the most visually striking of spaces, and Antwerp-based label Kabinet Van Look’s passion for precision and creative functionality cannot be overlooked. Led by self-taught founder Jan Van Look, the brand has been making a prominent mark on the Belgian design scene since 2010.

Simple, Clean and Minimalistic Design by HumbleWorks

HumbleWorks was founded on the notion that working and wellbeing aren't mutually exclusive. The average person spends around 40 years of his or her life working, and we strive to make that time as comfortable, healthy, and as inspiring as humanly possible.

HONEY FURNITURE - Handcrafted Sustainable Design Furniture & Lighting

We’re designers Zane & Reinis Maskav‘s or Honey Furniture based in Riga, Latvia. Honey Furniture is handcrafting sustainable design furniture & lighting from reclaimed wood, combining it with glass and copper, accordingly breaking stereotypes that old and reclaimed can be only rustic. We're taking inspiration from nature, creating biophilic design, using materials from old and historical buildings.

WOCH Charging Station by Pedpac

Driven by our passion for innovation, we founded Pedpac to create products that combine nature and technology in a quality design. Our first Qi wooden charging station WOCH was funded at 144% on Indiegogo in August 2017 and 199% funded on Kickstarter in April 2018. We love nature and combining it with technology is what we are all about. Therefore, we have created WOCH Charging Station, which combines the newest technology with the simplicity of nature.

Our team is based in Slovenia (EU), where all the products are hand-crafted and shipped from.


  • BE ONE OF A KIND is a platform for international living trends dedicated to making living more beautiful. The focus is on marvelous and aesthetic products, designed by nationally and internationally acclaimed young designers, all in line with the latest technology and a relationship to wood. These are now easily available.


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