Ceiling Light - Call me a star

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Ceiling Light - Call me a Star

This flying ceiling lamp with its abstract and modern design ensures a clean and outstanding look in a wide variety of rooms from bathroom to bedroom. Thanks to customization varieties of design, it will perfectly fit as for low, as high ceilings.

Combination of old, more than 200 years reclaimed wood with glass and copper breaks stereotypes that old and reclaimed can be only rustic, leaving the feeling of clean but lively design.

This special flying ceiling light with unrepeatable patina, consist of 3x5cm thick old wood, which has been covered with water-based wax, carefully handcrafted copper lamp holders, covered with matt varnish to keep its real colour. Unique design copper & beech wood lamp holders come as additional elegant accent and contrast to old wood. For perfect finish we suggest using it together with Edison style bulbs, which definitely will give you a warm feeling of home.

Story Behind:
Every lighting & furniture product that we make tells its own story. We create them using wood that is more than 200 years old, which is laced with its own personality and breathes, telling you a warm, carefree and gentle story.

During the years, wood becomes stronger, meanwhile wood lifelines – more expressive. As years go by, as more valuable it becomes – as good wine.

We believe that reclaiming old wood, we give them “third life”. For every piece of furniture, we add stainless steel sign with wood birth of year and place. So, this value would be added not only in stories. How do we know that date? Knowing the age of tree felling, the year the house was built, we know its date of birth.

The product is individually customizable, as special requests can be made regarding dimensions and details, such as wire colour or style, total height or width. The featured model has a total width 90 cm and is 60 cm high.

Reclaimed old wood
Copper details
Copper & beech wood bulb holder
Design wire
Plywood base

This product is only made to order and therefore cannot be exchanged. The product is handmade and is unique. It can therefore take up to 2-3 weeks for your order to be manufactured and shipped.


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